What about today?

Have been trying to build a Theo Jansen mechanism from straws and paper fasteners…why?  well the movement is unfamiliar, but seems attractive. I have built a small-scale Strandbeest from a plastic kit ( purchased online) and entertainingly enough, it does actually work, when cranked by hand! However, the wind turbine mechanism, designed to make it ‘walk’ independently, is a total flop. Plastic gear cogs have difficulty in being positioned accurately enough. The result is that they have a ‘çatch point’ somewhere in the rotation, which makes a jump-like movement…. also means it can’t be wind-powered. However, removing the turbine creates a smooth movement that is very nice to watch.

I have been wondering about investigating a ‘çubli’, since they look rather fun ( self-righting cubes that can balance on a vertex, or an edge).


Just setting out.

Lying awake at night, the orange sodium streetlamp outside my window casts long, slanting shadows across the ceiling, transforming the orthogonal crossbars of the window into an array of irregular quadrilaterals. Sometimes a passing car adds a soft headlamp glow to the display, making new, faint shadows glide soothingly across the quiet space.Thoughts collide as the day unwinds.